Hannes Schmid



Swiss artist Hannes Schmid (born 1946 in Zurich) has been establishing a relevant body of work since the early 1970s. Schmid started his career with travel reports. For many years he worked as an advertising and fashion photographer. His re-creation of the Marlboro Man, mostly created in the 1990s, has become an iconic figure known all over the world and has been even appropriated by conceptual artists

Hannes Schmid captured the ultimate geist and 'American Myth' of the cowboy as a lone ranger more than twenty years ago. His stark black and white photographs encapsulate the idea of the American cowboy in his purest form. The strength of these images lies in their ability to compel each onlooker to focus on their composition, on the motion in stillness, the reign of power, the distinctive figure reduced to its iconic form. By stripping off the realities of the mundane cowboy, Hannes Schmid re-attaches the significance of the cowboy back to its existential awe.