Evey Edition Artists

Alfonso Bonilla - Colombia

 Alfonso is a Colombian photographer who has spent many years doing research and experimentation around graphic photography and its possibilities as a pictorial language of expression through this medium. He uses the technological tools of graphic design in combination with a particular image exposure, that through overlays and a subjective configuration of the composition of each piece, seeks to communicate its message, offering a reconfiguration of reality through each of proposals of great chromatic richness. As an artist, his work connects and talks easily with contemporary audiences hungry for images that manage to move its day amid the global screen in which we live. His work is an unmistakable sign of the hyper-modern times in which we live.


  Frank Dehner - Art Postal



 Sundeep Kumar - Karachi, Pakistan

Sundeep Kumar (B.1992) is a visual artist based in Karachi, Pakistan. He graduated in Fine Arts from Centre of Excellence in Art & Design in 2014. Sundeep specializes in painting and his work is based on Pakistani currency, especially coins, where he depicts a variety of themes such as money, power, poverty, important events of the country and so on. He co-runs Atelier School of Art and Design in Karachi since 2018 and teaches 16-18 year olds in order to foster them for their studies in different fields of various art universities and colleges alongside other age groups of art enthusiasts.





 Lord Owusu

John F. Kennedy said, "The future promise of any nation can be directly measured by the present prospect of its youth". I'm extremely passionate about the new wave of youthful entrepreneurship and innovation that will sweep across Africa; starting with my country Ghana.



 Larisa Safaryan

Larisa Safaryan was born in Yerevan, Armenia. Larisa has never attended an art class. It's not a surprise, however, that she started creating after seeing the work of her father, Nairi Safaryan. Her talent and passion for art resides inside her, until she beautifully displays it to the world through her carvings. Larisa Safaryan claims that nature and people are her greatest inspiration. Without question, she is an innovator in what she does. Currently Larisa Safaryan lives and works in Los Angeles, California.




 Petra Schöller - Vienna, Austria


"In my studio I create fantasy worlds, surreal scenes and color compositions that invite you to smile, be amazed and explore. Not everything is as it appears at first glance and changing your perspective can be really worth your time. I like to look at the world with a wink and am happy when I can pass this humorous outlook on to my audience."  


 Hannes Schmid 

Hannes Schmid

Swiss artist Hannes Schmid (born 1946 in Zurich) has been establishing a relevant body of work since the early 1970s. Schmid started his career with travel reports. For many years he worked as an advertising and fashion photographer. His re-creation of the Marlboro Man, mostly created in the 1990s, has become an iconic figure known all over the world and has been even appropriated by conceptual artists

Hannes Schmid captured the ultimate geist and 'American Myth' of the cowboy as a lone ranger more than twenty years ago. His stark black and white photographs encapsulate the idea of the American cowboy in his purest form. The strength of these images lies in their ability to compel each onlooker to focus on their composition, on the motion in stillness, the reign of power, the distinctive figure reduced to its iconic form. By stripping off the realities of the mundane cowboy, Hannes Schmid re-attaches the significance of the cowboy back to its existential awe.