Sundeep Kumar - "Hingol Highway"
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Sundeep Kumar - "Hingol Highway"

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Size: 20 x 30 in

Sundeep Kumar's award winning photography captures Pakistans rapid transformation from a traditional rural society into one of the fastest growing modern economies in the world.

His recent work "Hingol Highway" highlights the lighting speed of this process and the stark contrast to those left behind by this progress.

Limited edition (1/21) print on paper or metal

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About the artist of this special edition

Sundeep Kumar (B.1992) is a visual artist based in Karachi, Pakistan. He graduated in Fine Arts from Centre of Excellence in Art & Design in 2014. Sundeep specializes in painting and his work is based on Pakistani currency, especially coins, where he depicts a variety of themes such as money, power, poverty, important events of the country and so on. He co-runs Atelier School of Art and Design in Karachi since 2018 and teaches 16-18 year olds in order to foster them for their studies in different fields of various art universities and colleges alongside other age groups of art enthusiasts.