Sundeep Kumar - "Pakistan moving"
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Sundeep Kumar - "Pakistan moving"

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Size: 20 x 30 in

Sundeep Kumar's award winning photography captures Pakistans rapid transformation from a traditional rural society into one of the fastest growing modern economies in the world.

Limited edition (1/21) print on paper or metal

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About the artist of this special edition

Sundeep Kumar (B.1992) is a visual artist based in Karachi, Pakistan. He graduated in Fine Arts from Centre of Excellence in Art & Design in 2014. Sundeep specializes in painting and his work is based on Pakistani currency, especially coins, where he depicts a variety of themes such as money, power, poverty, important events of the country and so on. He co-runs Atelier School of Art and Design in Karachi since 2018 and teaches 16-18 year olds in order to foster them for their studies in different fields of various art universities and colleges alongside other age groups of art enthusiasts.